Study: South Carolina is the Least Responsible State in the Fight Against COVID-19

From wearing masks to getting tested, responsible preventative behaviors can drastically decrease the spread of COVID-19. With public health officials urging Americans to follow preventative behaviors, a recent study found that South Carolina is the least responsible state in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

The team at TheTruthAboutInsurance.com analyzed data including the percentage of adults wearing masks in public, the percentage of people sheltering in place, and the number of administered coronavirus tests to find the most and least responsible states during the coronavirus pandemic.

Through this study, they concluded that South Carolina is the least responsible state during COVID-19. Though testing rates are fairly high in the Palmetto State, and a large share of South Carolinians report wearing a mask in public, very few are choosing to stay at home, and the state government is not mandating them to do so. Another study found that South Carolina is the state with the 8th fewest coronavirus restrictions. This is leading to some of the worst coronavirus stats in the nation.

The study compiled the following stats about South Carolina:

  • Adults Wearing Masks in Public: 37%
  • People Staying Home When Possible: 18.3%
  • COVID-19 Tests Given per 100K Residents: 6,259

You can view the full study here: The Most & Least Responsible States During COVID-19


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