Nancy Mace to Donate Plasma to South Carolina Non-Profit

State representative Nancy Mace will today donate her plasma to South Carolina non-profit, The Blood Connection, to aid current COVID-19 patients in their recovery.

According to The Blood Connection’s website, “studies suggest that using the plasma had some success in reducing symptoms and death in past outbreaks.”

The Blood Connection is a non-profit founded in South Carolina. They cover North and South Carolina, and serve Berkeley and Charleston Counties.

“COVID-19 affected my child and me over a month ago, and I was very sick," Rep. Mace said. "At one point I struggled to catch my breath. That day my son said to me as he helped me, 'Mommy, you sound like Darth Vader when you breathe.' I would not wish this virus on anyone. Thank you to our frontline workers at our South Carolina health facilities who are giving back every day and putting the Lowcountry first."

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