Holy City Sinner Raising Money for Local Nonprofit Going Places!

Holy City Sinner is excited to announce that its founder, Christian Senger, will spend August being part of a local nonprofit's Joy Outreach Team. Throughout this month, Senger will raise money for Going Places whose mission is to "provide disadvantaged kids with their most basic childhood right - a right to Joy."

The organization accomplishes that goal in several ways, but they are most known for providing all students in Title 1 schools (low income/high poverty) with new custom bikes, locks, and helmets.

Numerous organizations focus on providing the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, yet one thing often overlooked for children in need is their social-emotional need for joy. For many kids living in
poverty, it is when they get home from school that the real stress begins.

These kids can live in less-than-desirable and unpredictable circumstances, and a bike provides them with a sense of freedom, escape, and a way to de-stress while exercising. It also builds self-worth by being the first item of value they can call their own, which builds their self-confidence. Riding a bike is also a means to return innocence when oftentimes, it has been taken from them. We often forget about all of the factors that can negatively affect disadvantaged kids' social-emotional health and how joy can play a pivotal part in restoring it.

Please help Senger meet his fundraising goal by making a donation here. Your generous gift will go towards buying bikes, locks, and helmets for the students at our next two low-income, high poverty elementary schools which Going Places will be selecting later this year. You can donate through Venmo, PayPal or online donation.




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