Pattison's Academy Reopens to Provide Services to Children with Severe Disabilities

Press Release

Pattison’s Academy students will return to school on Tuesday, August 18, after being closed due to COVID-19 since March 17th. Pattison’s Academy is a charter school serving children with multiple and severe disabilities. At school, the children receive critical health services that include physical, occupational and speech therapy in addition to education. During the school’s closure, virtual services were provided, however, by not receiving in-person services, many students have suffered from skill regression. 

Seventy five percent of the students at Pattison’s will return to school in-person, while the remaining will participate in virtual programming. The Pattison’s Academy Board voted to reopen the school, while also providing virtual services to those families who prefer to keep their child home. Providing in-person care, will allow students to regain the life skills and physical strength that may have diminished during the school’s shut down due to COVID-19.

“The Pattison’s leadership team has worked tirelessly to respond to the needs of our students and their families to create a back to school plan that is safe, enriching and engaging for our exceptional students.” Laurie Sessa, Board Chair, said.

Prior to reopening, MUSC Health’s Back2Business program visited Pattison’s to perform a walk through inspection and provide consultative services to ensure the school’s safety standards were in place.

“I know my son will be safe at school and have heard the plans in place for each student and how they will protect my child and everyone there. I have faith that everything will work out and hopefully get back to normal.” Brittany Gadsden, parent, said.

Pattison’s Academy is an education and rehabilitation academy providing comprehensive, year-round programs to support children with multiple severe disabilities and their families. For more information visit www.pattisonsacademy.org or contact Madison Anderson at madison.anderson@pattisonsacademy.org.


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