SC Equality PAC endorses Kristin Graziano for Charleston County Sheriff

From the "Kristin for Sheriff 2020" Facebook Page

SC Equality PAC, the political action committee of SC Equality, the statewide organization dedicated to LGBTQ equality in South Carolina, today announced its endorsement of Kristin Graziano for Charleston County sheriff.

“When it comes to law enforcement, it has become clearer than ever before that we need people in leadership positions who understand the needs of the community, who have firsthand experience in times of crisis, and who are able to connect with a diverse range of people,” said Jeff Ayers, executive director of SC Equality. “We believe that person is Kristin Graziano, and we know that she will make sure that administrators, deputies, and jail staff treat LGBTQ citizens with the respect they deserve.”

Graziano served until February 2020 as a Master Deputy for 18 years with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, leading SWAT teams, serving on anti-terrorism task forces, mentoring children as a school resource officer, and studying and implementing cost-saving reforms to deputies’ schedules.

“It’s an honor to be endorsed by SC Equality PAC, which does amazing work to make sure LGBTQ issues are at the forefront in South Carolina politics,” Graziano said. “As someone who has witnessed, investigated, and prosecuted hate crimes of LGBTQ victims, I am aware of the impact it can have on the community at large. It is those experiences that I carried with me every day while I was on the job. As the next sheriff, I want to make sure that hate crime victims receive meaningful justice and are treated with kindness, compassion, and empathy. Also, when I am elected, I will ensure that my employees will be able to self-identify with their preferred gender and that LGBTQ inmates will be placed into appropriate populations.”

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