The Largest Networking Event in Mt. Pleasant will be a Ten Day Virtual Experience

The Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce (MPCC), in partnership with On Purpose Adventures, is this year taking its annual Business and Community Expo virtual. The "largest networking event in Mount Pleasant" will be a ten day virtual experience, that will allow participants to engage with vendors from anywhere in the world.

The Expo will run from September 21st through September 30th, which will allow participants to attend at their convenience. The event will include trivia, video/photo challenges, and other activities.

“The MPCC Business and Community Expo Committee has been diligently planning the 10th Annual Expo since the Fall of 2019,” Michael Cochran, MPCC Board Member and Expo Committee Chair, said. “The global pandemic and challenges surrounding COVID-19 have presented significant obstacles and challenges for an in-person event. The Expo Committee made the decision to look at alternatives to postponing, or canceling the event, and adapt to the changes, or ‘pivot’. Vendors will receive detailed information from each attendee and have the opportunity to showcase their respective business or service through surveys, video presentations, and a host of virtual tools. The constraints of a traditional, in-person event, such as social distancing, distracting conversations, and staffing issues, have been eliminated with the virtual pivot. Whether you are looking to make a quality business contact, expand your market-share, or connect with business and community movers and shakers, the MPCC 2020 Virtual Business Expo is the place to be!”

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