Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina Resumes Bishop Search

Press Release

Following a brief pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the search for the XV Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina (DSC) has resumed, after recently receiving unanimous approval from the Standing Committee to proceed. The Bishop Search Committee is now receiving nominations and applications through October 15, 2020.  

While exact dates will be difficult to firmly establish because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, the search will proceed with the expectation of holding a special electing convention in Spring 2021, followed by the Consecration of the new bishop before the end of the year.

The period of receiving nominations and applications is now open and will close on Thursday, October 15. The Diocesan Profile has been shared on the website for the bishop search (www.scbishopsearch.org), along with forms for application and nomination.

In a time of great uncertainty, the Rev. Dr. Philip Linder, Chair of the Bishop Search Committee, is looking forward to resuming the search. “We are excited to be moving forward, and hope for the careful and prayerful consideration of all who may feel called to serve as the Fifteenth Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina,” said Linder.

While specific dates beyond the period for open nominations will not be set at this time, the overall process will continue to follow the timeline on the Bishop Search website. Upcoming events and deadlines will be shared on the website and through Diocesan communications.

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