Charleston County Citizens Calling 9-1-1 Will Hear New Recorded Announcement

On Thursday, September 10th, Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center added a recorded announcement citizens now hear when calling 9-1-1. Calls will continue to be routed through the normal process and this announcement will not delay a call-taker from answering a call.

The announcement, which replaces the ringing a caller would normally hear, will let citizens know that their call has been received and ask them not to hang up the phone.

“We are concerned with citizens hanging up if their 9-1-1 call isn’t answered on the first or second ring," Consolidated Dispatch Director Jim Lake said. "When a caller hangs up, then another line is tied up calling the citizen back. This can cause issues especially when there is a big wreck during a busy time of day and we are getting several calls into our center at the same time. The goal of this new recording is to remind callers to stay on the line until a call-taker picks up. Hang-ups, open lines, and non-emergency calls cause delays in our call-takers answering the phone.”

From the end of July to the end of August, the Charleston County 9-1-1 center received 5,734 emergency calls and 6,722 non-emergency calls. 9-1-1 should be used to save a life, stop a crime, or report a fire. For non-emergencies, where law enforcement may still be needed, citizens can call (843) 743-7200.

9-1-1 caller tips:

  • Stay calm and speak clearly
  • Answer the call-takers questions promptly and to the point, (currently call-takers are asking about COVID-19 and potential exposure in order to protect our first responders. Please respond accordingly and quickly)
  • Be able to provide a location
  • Do NOT hang up until directed by the 9-1-1 call-taker

For more information about Charleston County’s Consolidated Dispatch Center, click here.

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