Sam Skardon Rebukes Senator Sandy Senn for Defense of Detention Center Conditions

On Monday, local businessman and Democratic Nominee for State Senate District 41, Sam Skardon, publicly denounced Senator Sandy Senn’s defense of the Charleston County Detention Center inhumane conditions.

Recent coverage of the conditions described children - many of whom have not been convicted of a crime - being locked in their cells for 22 hours a day, having few opportunities for recreation and education, having to urinate on the floor due to a lack of restroom access, and having rubber bullets, pepper spray, and tasers used on them.

Monday’s story included statements from Senator Senn calling the lawsuit “a set up, plain and simple” and mocking a colleague’s defense of children nicknaming her “selfless Annie.” This follows comments from Senn from July claiming the stories of abuse and neglect to be “99% false” even though the Sheriff's office has since acknowledged the allegations by moving the children out of the facility.

“The way we are treating these children is counter to the values of the Lowcountry," Skardon said. "It is outrageous that our State Senator is being paid to defend these problems, not working to fix them.”

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