8 DIY Tips for Air Duct Cleaning Maintenance

Looking for the best tips for air duct cleaning? The following ideas will amaze you how fast and thoroughly you can do it.

The Best Duct Cleaning Maintenance Ideas

Duct cleaning is not something everyone can do. Though you can DIY some projects in your home, when it comes to cleaning your ducts, this should be left to a professional.

Would you wish to stop counting hefty energy bills and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system as well as maintain clean indoor air quality? Comfort Clean advises you to consider duct cleaning.

  1. Check And Clean the Air Filters Every 3 Months

During its operation, the air filters trap in some dust particles as well as debris. The more the filter clogs, the lower the performance of the air filters. To maintain their lifespan, consider air duct cleaning services. Nothing new. On doing that, your AC will improve its performance, and thus you will experience more fresh air indoors. Also, ensure proper inspection of the HVAC system, especially the filters in winter. For the AC systems, you can be checking it after a three-month interval. Besides, no need to be worried about the mechanical costs of your HVAC system? When you doubt the filters are dirty, remove them, vacuum, and soak them in freshwater and then apply some vinegar in the solution and clean them. Dry them well and install them back. Note that, your home environment shall determine how regular you shall be required to clean the filters. For instance, a dusty environment will agitate the process. The ultimate solution for AC maintenance is replacing or cleaning it. It can be accomplished once or twice a year, depending on your home usage rate.

2. Clean Air Ducts

As you think of maintaining your air conditioner, focus on air duct cleaning. Air ducts are the vents which let in the cool air into your home. Open the vent panels to do a thorough cleaning. Well, air will get in unobstructed since there is no dust accumulation.

3. Clean Fins

Just look at the outer part of your unit, and you will see fins. Well, to clean them, start by turning off the power, unscrew the outer cover of the AC and remove it, get a brush fitting and suck out the debris and dust. Get your garden horse pipe, set a gentle flow then spray across the fins to clean them. Do not utilize a pressure washer since it can bend the fins.

4. Straighten Any Bent Fins

Have you realized air obstruction with your air conditioner or strain with your AC? Fine, get a butter knife and carefully straighten the bent fins. Take precaution. Be gentle; excess pressure might break the tubing bidding the fins.

5. Clean Your Evaporator Coil

Another big step when it comes to duct cleaning. Remember we are focusing on the evaporator coil. Turn off the AC; trace the evaporator coil entry from the inner side. Unscrew to remove it. Identify to remove any dust with a soft brush. Apply no-rinse coil cleaner through spraying. You can also drop a drain pan tablet to delay algae growth on the pan. Apart from the coil, check the evaporate drain to clean it thoroughly. You can utilize a wet vacuum to get rid of gunk out in the drain pipe.

6. Check The Wiring 

Keep your eye strictly on the wiring at least twice a year. You should start by turning the power off before tackling the wire. Then you can open the unit. Try to observe if there are any darkened cables, melted insulation cables or corroded cables. That shows a sign of overheating. Remember to have an electrical test meter to check the capacitance.

7. Make Sure Your Unit Is Level 

A simple maintenance trick for your air conditioner. Just ensure your unit is levelled. As the ground level shifts, the outdoor air connector tends to tilt. Be keen; this can make the compressor fall early.

8. Maintain the Area Around Your Unit Free Of Debris.

Well, I believe you love a green home environment. Avoid letting debris accumulate around your unit. Keep sweeping old leaves and chuff away. Trim back long branches likely to press the unit. With that, you will not require regular air duct cleaning services.

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