Clerk of Court to Launch Secure Electronic Sentence Sheets

Charleston County Clerk of Court Julie Armstrong on Monday began using electronic sentence sheets in General Session Court. Recently, the S.C. Department of Corrections indicated to a Legislative Oversite Committee that their data entry errors were caused from misreading judges’ handwritten court forms. In response, Clerk of Court Armstrong developed a new secure electronic sentence sheet that will help the S.C. Department of Corrections. While various agencies from across the state are working on a solution, Armstrong launched her electronic sentence sheet this week.

The electronic sentence sheet will capture data as the judge enters it and the data can be shared with any agency that needs the information. This will cut down on data entry errors and reduce or eliminate re-keying of data by multiple agencies. Additionally, an interface to share data between the Charleston County Clerk of Court’s and Solicitor’s Offices is scheduled to launch this fall. “We will use the technology behind the electronic sentence sheet as a foundation to computerize other court forms,” said Armstrong.

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