Lowcountry Local First's Buy Local Season is Underway

Lowcountry Local First's (LLF) annual Buy Local Month is now Buy Local Season! They invite you to join them for this annual effort to keep holiday dollars flowing within our community. With many local businesses feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, our support is more crucial than ever.

LLF invites you to “Vote for Mom & Pop” with your dollars, choosing to support local businesses over Big Box stores and national chains that divert money, character, and power away from our community. Here are a few ways to get involved now:

  • Sign the Pledge
    • Show your commitment to shifting a minimum of 10% of your holiday spending to local businesses. Sign the pledge here!
  • List Your Business
  • Become a Buy Local Champion
    • Become a Buy Local Champion by donating $50 and you will be listed on the buylocalchs.com supporter page and will also receive a "Vote for Mom & Pop" yard sign to show your local pride and encourage your neighbors to use their dollars to vote for their local businesses this holiday season
    • A $20 donation gets you your own yard sign to leave up as a reminder throughout the shopping season
  • Vote Every Day
    • Get started on your holiday shopping! Use the buylocalchs.com site to browse by gift category

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