Great Ideas to Turn Your Home’s Storage Closet Into a Useful Space

Every household has that one "storage" room that's hardly a storage room at all. It might be that in name, but inside, it's a hurricane of forgotten board games, hand-me-down clothing, and assorted knick-knacks and junk.

When you only have so little space to make use of, you need to either get creative or start prioritizing the deserved storage. If this all sounds a little too familiar to you, you need to think about what to do with that closet or room. Here are ideas to get you started.

1. Food storage/pantry

The first choice is to make it useful as an actual storage space for dry goods. A good pantry is helpful for basic food prepping and gives you ample room for any foods, goods, or other necessities that just won't fit in your kitchen or cupboards. This seems to be the most common choice, so ditch the old toys and finally make that space useful again.

2. Clothing storage or wardrobe

Depending on where your storage room or closet is located, you can always make it an actual storage space for clothing. Storing seasonal clothing keeps it out of the way until needed, and a storage closet near a bedroom can be a great place for a walk-in closet. A little design inspiration and renovation work can make this a fashionable use of your square footage.

3. Convert it to an office.

A traditional storage closet is in no way going to be able to convert into an office space, but if it's a large enough room, you have a shot. Finding office space if you work from home can be at a premium, but if this storage room is sitting idle with junk, it works well to make it more important. Similarly, it could double as a good little artistic/crafts space.

4. Make a half-bath.

Renovating this space into a half-bath is a tall order depending on the plumbing setup, but it's definitely doable. Adding a half-bath gives family members and guests more room to wash up and adds value overall to your home. Half-baths only contain a sink and a toilet, but that could come in handy for a family get-together or party. Again, if you have a large room, it can be a full-sized bathroom as well.

5. Create a small game room.

The last one takes a tongue in cheek approach to you throwing old board games in the closet or room and reappropriates it for better use. Turning this space into a game room (again, you likely need a full room-sized storage space to accomplish this) helps create a family area you can all enjoy away from the electronics. A dartboard, game tables, and maybe even a foosball table could be in order.

Every home has that one room or closet that's mostly filled with junk. Making the most out of your home space is a must, especially with a family, so converting your storage room or closet into something that will actually help can be achieved easily with these great ideas.

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