Rep. Cunningham Calls on Trump to Concede Presidential Election

Representative Joe Cunningham released the following statement on the results of the Presidential election:

“A peaceful transfer of power is vital to a functioning democracy. So too is accepting and listening to the will of the voters. Over the last several days, it has been painfully frustrating to watch the President of the United States deny reality and attempt to subvert the results of last week’s election, which he lost fair and square. Trust me, I know how disappointing it can be to lose an election. But it is our duty to maintain and protect the bedrock of our democracy for the future by accepting the results and not further exploiting the divisions in our nation with conspiracy theories and outright lies. It is time for the president to concede and begin the process of a peaceful transfer of power so that our country can move forward. It is my sincere hope that my friends and colleagues across the aisle will do what’s right for the country and urge the president to accept the results of the election, foregoing any additional futile stunts to delay the inevitable.”

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