Boba Tea Cafe Tapio to Close at the End of the Month

Tapio, a boba tea cafe located in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood, on Monday announced that they will be permanently closing after business on Sunday, November 29th.

The following message was posted on the restaurant's social media pages:

"Dear Charleston,

Thank you. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closing of Tapio at the end of the month. As I sit here writing to you all, I reminisce the times of struggle, trying to open a small tea shop in beautiful Downtown Charleston. It was tough but we were able to start in a small building located on Spring St. I would never forget about Ms. Faith who believed in us and gave us a shot. This would lead us to meet many of our supporters who we now consider as family.

Through these 6 years, there were a lot of tough times but our supporters are what drove us to continue trucking on. It was well worth to see we were able to make someone’s day a tad better with our boba drinks.

We aren’t too sure where our next path will take us but Tapio has given us the faith that anything is possible.

Our last day of opening in Charleston is Sun Nov 29. We hope to see many of you. There will def be free drinks given out.

Lastly, spread love and take care of each other. It’s well worth it."

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