HEART Inclusive Arts Community Gives “Misfit” Art a Chance to Find its Home

HEART Inclusive Arts Community’s first-ever virtual art auction titled “Creative Misfits” will be held from December 4th to 6th.  

"Creative Misfit" is an endearing term adopted by the family of collaborators at HEART. Misfits come from all walks of life, and may not always perfectly “fit in,” but at HEART, they have created a space to call their own that is full of love, acceptance, and creativity.

The "Creative Misfits" virtual auction collects the artwork of local and national artists that, in the spirit of HEART’s Creative Misfits, may not have found a place in a gallery or museum, or doesn’t fit in with the rest of the artist’s portfolio, but is no less well-loved or beautiful. These pieces, which are unique and show other facets of these renowned artist's talents, are made available to bidders so they may finally find their rightful place to hang, all while supporting a good cause. Funds raised by the auction benefit the ongoing arts-based programming at HEART.

"Creative Misfits" also coincides with, and celebrates, the premiere of HEART’s online gallery featuring pieces created by program members, known as HEARTists, in both permanent collections and rotating exhibitions. The virtual auction opens online at 5 pm on Friday, December 4th and closes Sunday, December 6th at 4 pm. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the HEART Gallery will be presented online on Friday, December 4th at 7 pm.

HEART is an inclusive arts community serving adults with disabilities who want to grow and develop as artists, providing visual arts, music, writing, and performing arts mentorship, as well as community engagement.  HEART has created a center where artists of all abilities work together to create something that enriches and transforms the community.

For more information, please visit our website, www.heartsc.org/creativemisfits.

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