Black Leaders Recognized in Annual Virtual Ceremony

Press Release

For the 3rd year in the Lowcountry, Exquisite Enterprises Inc. is hosting their annual Exquisite Honors ceremony recognizing black leaders, and celebrating black entrepreneurship and community service. The event will take place on Sunday, September 5th, 2021, and is expected to be held virtually, due to the current world health crisis.

"As an African American, I feel it is my duty to acknowledge those that are paving a way for future generations to thrive," event organizer Kimberly Bowman said. "It's important to acknowledge the past, but it is just as necessary to recognize those in the present doing extraordinary things."

The Exquisite Honors annually celebrates black entrepreneurship & leadership in the Lowcountry by recognizing 5 leaders in the community in their ceremony every year. Ms. Bowman adds, "Charleston was once known as a city big for its black entrepreneurship all throughout downtown since then many of those businesses have faded away and are nonexistent now. Currently, that huge wave of entrepreneurship in the black community has come back, and we hope to celebrate that." Prior to the ceremony, there will be a virtual vendor fair featuring black-owned small businesses within the Lowcountry.

This year's honorees exhibit selfless ambition, compelling influence in the Tri-County area, and outstanding leadership. The Honorees are Executive Director of Lowcountry Youth Services, ReZsaun Lewis, District 10 Consolidated School Board Member Erica Cokley, Producer, Realtor, and Media Coach Telia Rivers, Founder of the Melanated Money Mondays Facebook Group Kalaani Reynolds, and Star2Be Productions Co-Founder Cassaundra Drayton.

For more information on the event, including tickets, and how you can participate, visit https://www.exquisitehonors.com.

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