Local Rapper Returns With Third Installment in Music Trilogy

Local rapper and producer Ray DeeZy has released his second EP of 2020 with the third installment in his "No Love Lost Music Trilogy," Give Me My Flowers. This album follows the 2019 release of No Love Lost 2: Red Wine & Reefa, and the 2017 release of No Love Lost, through his DeeZyland recording brand. The rapper also released The Getaway EP earlier this year.

On his new EP, Ray DeeZy addresses the social and economic issues of the 1970's "War on Drugs," as well as the current debates and controversy surrounding marijuana legalization in the southern United States.

"I always try to remind people of the irony of the times we are in through my music," Ray DeeZy said. "These projects are kind of an opportunity to point out the obvious in a way. With this project, it is that the war on drugs never really ended."

The rapper also touches on the current world health crisis in "Quarantine Madness," a play on "Reefer Madness."

In addition to new music, Ray DeeZy is also providing his fans with new custom merchandise. Fans can purchase merchandise and music separately, or together in one of the rapper's holiday bundles.

For more information on Ray DeeZy and his latest installment in the "No Love Lost" Musical Trilogy, visit www.nolovelost3.com.

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