The Art of Shaving: Beard wax for the contemporary man

Beard has always been considered to be a personal style. In the ancient times Beard was a synonym of power and respect. Nowadays, beard is a synonym of freshness, mature youth and modernity. Following the same line shaving has turned into an art. It has become from a daily routine into a relaxing and satisfying ritual. There is also a perception that a beard gives an extra masculinity to its owner and that some women and men are very attracted to this extra masculinity.

Every day more and more barbershops are opened and offer their services. These services not only include shaving but also beard care maintenance. A wide variety of products are offered to take care of a beard and to have a healthy aspect. In the modern world of so many different hair and beard treating products it is a mess for one to choose the correct option. Today, mustache waxes available in barbershops, specialised centers or online chains have ample popularity. More and more brends bet for beard caring products, more and more manufacturers offer new merchandise and crops to have a good looking beard.

Meanwhile, new possibilities are offered to make a shaving process more relaxing and satisfying there are some concepts to take into account if you want to have a good looking aspect with your beard. Nutrition is essential for a healthy growth of hair. A diet of food rich in proteins is essential. In case you do not take enough proteins or vitamins you can use supplements. Biotin, for example, can help hair grow faster.

If you are sure that you want to have a nice, good looking and healthy beard you should avoid at least these 3 common mistakes beginners make.


If you have decided to grow a beard you should have realistic expectations. the Beard will not grow in one day, it will not have the aspect you imagine by itself. You should consider that at least 4 months are needed to have a more or less representative look. Sometimes lack of patience brings on shaving the beard.


There are hundreds of products to take care of a beard. Beard balms, shampoos, waxes and other products offer a good aspect and health to your beard. But are you sure that the products you buy are of a high quality? If the quality of the products you use is not the desired one it can have a negative effect on your beard. If not sure what to buy consult the professionals of the sectors, barbers and doctors.


Sometimes an automatic action of playing with the beard can have a negative consequence on it. Hair follicle can be affected with too much touch, and shed prematurely. Excessive combing also adds stress to the beard and weakens it.


For the beginners it can be a bit confusing to find the difference between a beard balm and a beard wax. To have a board idea about beard balms one must know that most of them contain carrier oil. Carrier oils like jojoba or argan make your beard very soft. Carrier oil also cures beardruff. Essential oils and butter are part of the ingredients of the beard balms as well. Finally the 4th ingredient of beard balms is beeswax which gives your beard slight styling properties.

Bears wax gives your beard a hold. Beard wax contains the same ingredients that are present in balms, however, the difference is in the rations of the ingredients. Beard wax has a higher concentration of beeswax ingredients in it. Wax has as an aim to fix , hold your beard. While buying a good beard wax one  should check if it contains vitamins, natural essential oils. Some bad quality waxes are difficult to wash and can harm your beard. That's why it is advisable to buy a high quality product which can enrich your beard with vitamins and will not suppose too much effort applying or cleaning it from the beard.

If your beard balm and beard wax are of high quality you can apply them every day without being afraid of causing damage to your beard or to your skin.

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