Non-Profit Seeks to End Homelessness with 50,000 Square Foot Facility

The increasing rise of COVID-19 in the Lowcountry has caused a noticeable spike in homeless rates as well. Denise Tolbert is taking an active stand against homelessness with the founding of her non-profit, 501(c)(3), The Village of South Carolina Homeless Shelter & Services, and the upcoming opening of its inclusive facility, complete with full resources to help individuals achieve self-sufficiency.

"It breaks my heart to see the number of people, men, women, and children, that line the streets of downtown and North Charleston late at night for a place to sleep," Tolbert said. "They are literally sleeping face to concrete every night. No one deserves to live like that. I believe it's our responsibility as a community to put our minds and resources together to get these people well-rounded help, and a consistent place to sleep while getting that help."

Recognizing the existing organizations and shelters doing their part to help the homeless as much as possible, Tolbert plans to contribute to the fight to end the cycle of homelessness by continuing to collaborate with these organizations to further help homeless individuals and families.

"The goal is self-sufficiency, and that starts with having at least a warm bed to sleep in safely every night," she said.

While Tolbert is in the early stages, she has already been diligent in her efforts to raise the appropriate funding and support for the cause. She is currently asking for donations and support of any kind to aid her, and her team, in meeting their goal of a mid-Spring 2021 grand opening of her facility.

For more information on Denise's efforts, including how you can donate, volunteer, and learn more, please visit thevillageofsc.org

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