Southbound 17 Releases Video for "No Vacancy"

Local band Southbound 17 this week released the official music video for their single "No Vacancy." You can see the video below.

“We had never filmed a music video before, but we knew that our single ‘No Vacancy’ would be the perfect track for our first one," band member Jack Austen said. “In a perfect world, we would have had the video already finished when the single dropped, but since it has been such a tricky year we had to wait until the time was right. We also had lots of ideas about going out West and filming at retro motels with neon signs out in the desert, but we ended up deciding that it was probably not the year for intensive travel.”

Instead, the trio opted for a DIY music video filmed around the Southeast including at the following motels: Waikiki Village Retro Hotel in Myrtle Beach; The Sunset Motel in Brevard, NC; The Mountaineer Inn in Asheville, NC; and the Thunderbird Inn in Savannah, GA.


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