5Church and Tempest Announce Restaurant Week Menus

With Charleston Restaurant Week fast approaching, the 5th Street Group has released the menus for their respective businesses - 5Church and Tempest. You can see the details below.

  • 5Church Charleston
    • 3 Courses for $40 (Dinner)
    • First Course is Cauliflower Soup with bacon lardons and croutons, Baby Gems with anchovy buttermilk dressing, curried olives and parmesan or Steam Buns with shrimp, cucumber salad, sweet and a spicy glaze
    • Main Course is Salmon with Fregula, wilted spinach, beurre rouge and sunchokes, Poussin with white polenta, rapini, beurre monte and a fried skin crumble or Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a vegetable ragu, crispy artichokes and parmesan
      • Guests can supplement the Chilean Seabass for $15, a Filet for $14 or the 60 Second Steak for $15
    • Dessert is the S'mores Brownie with chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, house-made toasted marshmallow, graham cracker streusel, the Cronut Bites or the Gluten Free Passionfruit Cheesecake.
  • Tempest
    • 3 Courses for $50 (Dinner)
    • First Course is the Charred Miso Caesar with black olives and parmesan, Umami Tuna “Bombs” or the Mussels Cassoulet with Sea Island red peas, and nduja
    • Entrée is the Confit Swordfish with allium crunch, umami bearnaise and spinach, the Local Grouper with salsa roja, caper and sunchoke, the Flounder with mushroom, brown butter and walnuts or the Sweet Potato Agnolotti with black walnut and arbol beurre noisette
    • Guests can supplement the Whole Fish with salsa matcha and salsa verde for $10 or the Prime NY Strip for $12. Dessert is either the Juniper Mousse or House-Made Ice Cream with a macaroon.

Charleston Restaurant Week will take place from January 7th, 2021 to January 17th, 2021.

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