Website: South Carolina Among States With the Worst Drivers

It has become commonplace for the Holy City to be placed near the top of just about every "best of" and "greatest" list that magazines or websites spit out each month. Sadly, it is also quite normal to see the state Charleston calls home near the "top" of most "worst of" lists.

A website called CarInsuranceComparison.com released a report saying South Carolina is among the the states with the worst drives in the country. The website analyzed several metrics including fatality, drunk driving, and careless driving rates to rank the most dangerous states featuring the worst drivers. A quick look at what they found:

  • South Carolina is tied with Hawaii for 7th among the states with the worst drivers
    • Alaska is the state with the worst drivers. Drunk driving and speeding are Alaska’s worst categories
    • New Mexico ranks 2nd among states with the worst drivers, with it’s worst category being careless driving
  • South Carolina has the worst fatal crash-related death rate in the country with 1.83 traffic deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled

You can view the full study here: The States With the Worst Drivers

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