South Carolina REALTORS Launch the South Carolina Good Life Initiative

Press Release

South Carolina REALTORS® (SCR) launched the South Carolina Good Life Initiative today. The project is focused on promoting the standards of living that all South Carolinians deserve.

Charleston has seen a rapid increase in population growth causing a ripple effect on other quality of life issues in the area. There are increasing concerns surrounding infrastructure and affordable housing as well as the environment. SCR is committed to preserving livable conditions right here in Charleston and across the state.

“Population growth is great, however, traffic, and taxes, overall affordability, and environmental impact are growing pains that have to be addressed,” said SCR 2021 Region 1 Vice President Dave Sansom. “As Realtors®, we have unique resources and knowledge that enable us to lead the community to a sustainable and affordable future.”

SCR recognizes the growing concerns across the state surrounding quality of life and feel compelled to advance resident’s interests in these areas.

 “When I was named President in 2020, one of my main goals was to bring solutions to issues affecting quality of life for South Carolinians, and then COVID-19 happened, and the year didn’t go as planned,” said 2020 SCR President Owen Tyler. “While COVID-19 presented challenges and unexpected growth for the state, the quality of life issues did not go away. In fact, most of the issues only increased.”

The South Carolina Good Life Initiative’s efforts are based on SCR survey results from January 2020 and other known factors caused by COVID-19. The top three areas of concern from the survey responses included population growth, public safety and affordable housing.

SCR encourages community members to reach out to us with concerns and suggestions regarding their quality of life. For more information please visit goodlife.screaltors.org or email [email protected].


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