10 best starting tips for Escape from Tarkov

When it comes to difficulty in survival, there are few other games that match Escape from Tarkov. It replicates the adversities of war and takes you on a nightmarish journey of escaping the battlefield. And to eventually escape, you must battle a host of opponents, heal injuries, gather ammo and supplies, and find a way to avoid death, which also strips you of your hard-earned loot.

If you have fallen into a negative loop of losing again and again, here are some valuable tips that can kickstart your journey to becoming a pro.

Close the doors after entering a building

Leaving the doors open in a building can be a sign that someone's been here. If you are looking to dodge enemies and escape from Tarkov, it's important to move without leaving any signs. Eliminate the loose ends by closing every door during exploration. Also, look out for open doors, which is a sign that an enemy may be hiding inside.

Try playing as a SCAV

The AI factions of Escape from Tarkov are called SCAVs. These scavengers come with an arsenal created from your gear. Playing as a SCAV isn't possible all the time as they come with a cooldown timer. But you can be safe from AI SCAV when playing as a scavenger, and hence would easily navigate through portions of the map filled with these bots.

Insure your gear

A lot of effort goes down the drain when you get killed in a raid as you have to earn back your prized arsenal. Try insuring your arsenal, which gets you a chance to get it back within 12-36 hours.

Paper provides cheaper insurance but can take up to 36 hours to get it back to you. You must claim it from the insurer within 72 hours. Once you have insured your gear, try discarding your items in a ditch or hiding them in a bush when you are about to get killed for them to safely recover.

Master any one map

Switching maps continually prevents you from learning to play in any of them. Avoid this common beginner's mistake and try mastering any one map before switching to another. Once you play several games on a single map, you'd have a better idea of scale spawns, loot drops, stashes, and the map's PMV.

Put valuable items in loot containers

Safe containers have limited spaces, so you must use them wisely. Several players waste their container slots placing medical kits into them. Instead, try putting valuable items in these slots, making for a better net before you die. Try replacing less valuable items whenever you gain new loot. Also, consider how many slots each item takes. For instance, condensed milk has a similar value to a power supply but takes just one slot, instead of 4.

Choose SCAV backpack over MBSS

MBSS is a cheap backpack but will significantly burden you when it runs out of space. Buy the more expensive SCAV backpack that offers significantly more storage that helps you loot better and be packed with ammo for assaults.

Play aggressively

Camping can seem like an excellent option to advance through the game. But the game is designed for aggressive players, and aggressive gameplay would provide you with more kills and better loot. You won't be able to improve your close combat until your rush, though. Try being more aggressive as you gain confidence in the game.

Wait before looting

Most players have a natural tendency to pounce on the loot as soon as they kill an enemy. But you may end up losing your life, as the player you just killed might have a backup coming up. A camper may also be watching your battle and pounce on you as soon as you loot. So be watchful and quick.

Boost your metabolism

Metabolism is an integral part of the game and determines the number of physical abilities you remember. Try maxing out your metabolism as soon as possible by chowing down on any and every food item you come across. If you want a quick boost in metabolism before a battle, you can also buy Tarkov cheats that would provide you an upper hand over your opponents. The cheats from battlelog are tested, can't be detected, and are safe to use.

Use good-quality headphones

Sound is as crucial to the game as the visuals. Having a good sound sense can help you know the location of other players closing in on you. You'll be keenly aware of your surroundings, hence avoiding ambushes. You should also minimize the noise you make, especially when an enemy is around.


Apart from these essential tips to escape from Tarkov, practice is the key. As you keep playing the game positively, you'll learn various new tactics and develop a strong game plan. Playing aggressively is the key to putting pressure on your opponents and eventually escaping from Tarkov.

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