Workshop Restaurant History

Last update: 5/14/20

Workshop, the "fancy food court” on the Pacific Box & Crate site, has tallied an impressive and diverse list of restaurant concepts since it opened in May of 2017.

The project was designed to house restaurant concepts from three to twelve months each. It's hard enough to keep up with all of the Charleston restaurant openings and closings, so I compiled this list of current and former Workshop tenants. A few eateries have graduated from the shared kitchen and dining space to their own standalone locations, while others have ended their run for one reason or another. Either way, they were all apart of this exploratory venture.

Current Lineup

  1. Julius' Delicatessan
  2. Sushi Wa Izakaya
  3. Chuck & Patty's
  4. Merrow’s Garden Wine Bar
    • Wine professional Kevin Regan pops up in the courtyard
  5. Mansueta's
  6. Ma'am Saab

Former Tenants

  • Bad Wolf Coffee*
  • Beech Test Kitchen
  • Cafe Roux
    • Opened a brick and mortar location at 2213 Middle Street
  • Effin B Radio Headquarters
  • Fowl Mouth
  • Free Reign
    • Owners Ryan and Kelleanne Jones opened Community Table at 148 Civitas Street in Mt. Pleasant
  • GingerVine
  • Greens & Grounds
  • JD Loves Cheese*
  • Juan Luis*
  • Kite Noodles*
  • Koa Bowls
  • Little Miss Ha
  • Pink Bellies*
    • Planning to open their own location
  • Rebel Taqueria
  • Root Note
  • Sambar
  • Slice Co.*
  • Slider Gold
  • Spanglish Cuban Kitchen
  • Two Fat Olives‬⁩
  • Verde
  • Wolf Peach Pizza

Pop-ups, limited runs, and One-offs

  • Pigeonhole Pop-up
  • Pool Bar by Proof
  • Porchetta

* denotes original tenant

For more information on Workshop, keep an eye on their official website at