Lowcountry Local First Says "Every Dollar Matters" This Holiday Season

Lowcountry Local First's (LLF) Buy Local Season 2020 is already underway and they want to remind the community that "every dollar matters" - especially this year.

LLF says their Buy Local Season 2020 "is an important reminder to the Lowcountry community of South Carolina to shop and dine local throughout the holiday season - and every day. Our local businesses are the character and flavor that make this place so unique and resilient - and they need us, they need YOU, now more than ever."

To promote Buy Local Season 2020, LLF released a public service announcement, which you can view below. The video includes Ted's Butcherblock, Park Pets Park Circle, the Turning Page Bookshop in Goose Creek, and more.

Learn more about Lowcountry Local First and its annual Buy Local Season, and find local businesses to support today:


Every Dollar Matters: A story from Lowcountry Local First from Lowcountry Local First on Vimeo.

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